Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Bombed last nights show?

Charlie Sheen in March 2009Image via Wikipedia
 Charlie Sheen's debut performance of his sold out "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour" in Detroit proved to be an epic fail.

A sold out Fox Theatre in Detroit with 5,000 fist pumping fans pretty much got what they didn’t pay for as most are saying via Twitter & Facebook. The crowd began with a upset mood considering the show seemed to be unscripted but the warlock began to just wing it as best as he could. The opening act was terrible most would say which brought Charlie on stage early and everyone gave him a standing ovation. That’s when things went south for the Hollywood bad boy.
Two porn stars sang the national anthem and I hear that they had a voice box of an opera singer. I mean porn stars have got to have good vocals when they perform in movies right?. The two porn actress's came on stage and thankfully for all of us burned his famous two and a half me bowling shirt he wears religiously on the show. The audience quickly began to get restless yelling "you suck dude" "we want your brother Emilio Estevez" and booing, most even began to simply walk out of the show. He quickly began to gather people closer to the stage once people began to leave telling patrons how he won anyways saying "I already got your f***ing money dude!” as it all wound down Charlie sat on stage and gathered the audience for a Q&A session and he asked them "Want to hear stories about crack? Who's done crack?"

Simon RexImage via WikipediaSheen couldn’t get much in as far as words considering the audience were too sensitive for his humor and honesty. he even had to tell an audience member "shut the f*** up." Sheen stormed off stage in aggravation and was followed up by actor and rapper Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty. You might remember him from the show "Scary Movie" he played the white thugged out rapper with a soft heart and sex drive of a high school kid. Sources say he got booed as well, I have seen Dirt Nasty in show and I must say dudes a hilarious rapper there’s nothing serious about his rapping he’s a comedian who raps but it appears you get more fans when you rap about drugs, and women shakin booty. "I get it" ... not really. The show ended with a video of the new Snoop Dogg song/video called "Winning" but the audience was still butt hurt.

Sometimes people can be too sensitive to give comedy a chance, have you ever been to a comedy show when the comic picks on a audience member and that audience member gets all bitter and wants to fight or defend him/herself? its comedy people if we learned to listen twice as much as we open our mouths we would be able to appreciate more things in life that’s why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth
Duh... Winning...

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