Saturday, February 5, 2011

Worst FaceBook & Twitter Status Updates

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a swarm of individuals who consistently update their status with nonsense, I mean whatever happened to the web being full of great information? .... Oh it is never mind, but whatever happened to Social Networks being used for Social Networking? now it’s invaded with materialistic individuals who feel the need to boast & brag about what they’re doing, who their doing it with, how they look while their doing it, and how awesome their life is compared to the rest of ours.

I mean come on now... you really think you have the best life? How would you know, are you filthy rich? Do you travel the world? Do you eat the best nutritious foods? Do you have every channel satellite has to offer?
Oh so you have the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world? Really? How do you know this? Have you met everywoman in the world? You have had 5 girlfriends/boyfriends and you have slept with 20 so that means that your judgment really doesn’t even matter considering the fact you can’t seem to pick a decent apple out of a batch “FAIL”
Of course not... so your life is not the best then and you have once again lied to us all "DELETE"
I find it so sad that here we are in 2011 and all everyone seems to care about is Celebrity Hype, Them Selves, and living thru another person’s lifestyle, you are not Snooki From Jersey Shore, just because your 4foot 3, tan so much your now orange and not tan, have streaks in your hair for some un natural reason does not mean your snooks so stop acting like her, and most of all your 25yrs old... are we even allowed to watch MTV anymore?

So many just vent on a social network to keep us all updated on how they feel at the moment "THIS IS NOT MYSPACE" were adults here we don’t have time nor do we want to hear your sobbing, this is the real world we have mortgages, REAL BILLS, some of us have children,... we don’t want to hear about how tough your day was when your 25 yrs old and live at home with mom and dad, your car was given to you and you still don’t even make each of your cell phone bills every month.
This mentality is indicative of a person whose life is so unfilled with productivity that they feel they have to over-compensate by announcing their every thought and action to the world in the hopes that at least one person on their friends list will finally Respond. That one minor digital altercation will be the closest thing to excitement they will have had in months. Other than a re-run of Jersey Shore

The word “Emo” gets tossed around a lot when it comes to whining and moaning about events or the actions of certain people. While complaining is a common human reaction to bad circumstances, being “Emo” when complaining means your complaints have no balls behind them. If you whine passively, never once putting a face on what you’re whining about, you’re just showing off one of the many ways a person can be Emo on the internet.
There’s ways to fix these young NON SOCIAL NETWORKER Americans...
If you want to be a man about it, just turn your “Don’t you just hate it when certain ‘best friends’ turn out to be your worst enemies?”Emo update in to, “Hey, Ted! Yeah, I’m talking about you, Ted Abbots! You’re a 28yr old loser ! Hey, Everybody! Ted’s a $hit Stained Loser, with a bad attitude!”

We are hard working Americans in a Recession we don’t have time for the nonsense, we work, we run errands, we cook meals, we clean our homes “not our bedrooms” , we wash dishes and lots of them.. so spare us the sob story please. We’re here to network, we are here to learn from one another, stay up to date with things that actually matter in life. We don’t care about Kim Kardashian , I don’t give 2 eye boogers about her or what she’s done in the media. I want to hear about things that move people in a positive way. Life is too stressful to be bombarding our news feed with drama in regards to others especially people we ourselves don’t even know. You want to do that go to school take journalism and see if you have what it takes to put other people’s names in your mouth.

what next.... hmmmm....


  1. Interesting read which actually made to click "delete" on a post today on Facebook. The reason I deleted still yet unknown to me except that I didn't want to feel "alone" maybe? It's lonely being alone LOL But maybe time I sit hard and strong with that feeling and just feel it, let it be and then move forward again. Maybe I was looking for support from others who have been there and done it? I honestly can't psychobabble this one into any sensible rhyme or reason today as I don't know why I posted it. But I also knew (in my guts) that I posted it for reasons that didn't set well for me deep inside. Thank goodness we still have the power online to just click "DELETE". ;)

  2. @Tawnya we are only human we are far from perfect and the things we do are more on impulse than strategy hahaa this post was a bit harsh I blog strictly on things that come to my attention. For instance: I'm helping a friend with a charity, getting friends "My Age" to donate even a dollar is nearly impossible, posting an update in reguards to the charity and having them replay it to their network is IMPOSSIBLE. But them telling us every 30 minutes about their every move is their only concern. The Social Network is becoming a place where Millenials are beginning to think "it's all about them" they're D list celebs basically and any celeb knows it's good to use your fame for bringing awareness but not these D lusters . I hope you find the blog of interest I try to stay with the times and not out too much emotion into it but ben again it's hard when I look around and see the country turning into Jersey Shore, Toddlers & Tiarras , and Really Desperate insecure, overcompensating Howlusewives & Husbands.

  3. Haha I absolutely lost count as to how many times I really laughed out loud while I read this post! It's absolutely true! Every word! Kyle and I just today had a conversation about the negativity and narcissism that surrounds us everywhere we go. We work hard, we both have two jobs and we still manage to put so much passion into our hobbies and businesses. Kyle did a lot of BMX and Motocross when he was younger, won I don't know how many 1st place trophies, and is about to start training to get back into it, while I've won design competitions and have been asked to design for high profile individuals, and people have the audacity to say to us, "you need to hold back a bit, you don't make anything fun for anyone because you always win everything"...and my only response is, "how 'bout you just step up your game, maybe" ...I don't know, just a thought. haha. Keep up the good writings, I love it!

  4. different strokes for different folks i guess, theres a lot of things we wont ever get in this world and for most part, the things in life i mostly dont get are people. not all of them, just a large majority of em ;-)