Friday, February 4, 2011

Recession Proof YOU!

It's clear to us that we are in a bit of a so called "Recession" I consider it more of a bare market, but then again I don’t see the signs of any market really being too bare besides the numbers in the Housing market, and Employment market.
I know a lot of us in America have tried and tried to get a job, and then I also recognize that a lot of Americans are perfectly fine with collecting unemployment, in fact there’s many Americans who are simply too un-motivated to even apply for unemployment so they go without, set there like a bump on a log and milk it off mom and pops for as long as they can. Do they really think that an opportunity is going to come to them? Do they think that just because they have applied to a job that the employer is actually going to call them? Eh, eh, highly unlikely. Chances are that there are about 20+ applicants that applied to the same exact job that you have that very day "if not more" what makes it even more unlikely is the fact that out of that 20 applicants 3/4's of them are going to follow up on their applications.
Believe it or not there are many people with a college degree who aren’t even using it, how can this be? Could it be that they aren’t sure how to apply themselves to something they have worked so hard for? Maybe its intimidation.
I have had a long history of career changes as most of the people who know me are aware of, Fashion Design, the Medical Field, Merchandising, I have even worked in the Oil Fields "for some reason my hands aren’t rough" but that’s another story.
Today I am going to give some people a few tips on how I made it in the work force, stayed comfortable, and how I could have even done better.
First it is mandatory that you build yourself a Cover Letter & Resume... What’s that? Come on meow... The Cover Letter is your chance to sale yourself to the employer "consider it a Biography but in a Paragraph or 2" as for the resume we all know what that is and most of them can use some updating. add stuff that you have done in your time since being 16, if you have helped in the community add that Employers love when an applicant had took the inniative to give time in the community whether its picking up trash, or helping senior citizens with daily functions. You don’t have to get paid to do something good and consider it credit worthy on paper.
Want to see a sample of what my Rez looks like?
Come join me on LinkedIn
Second,... Apply apply apply. Fortunately because of the World Wide Web you can apply to 99% of the companies out there. Using sites such as,,, etc... Will give you endless options, some of which may even blow your mind considering the fact you may actually qualify or even over qualify, and in my case it may blow you away knowing that you DONT QUALIFY ... I always love getting that email.
Third,... FOLLOW UP,... these companies have goals to meet daily, employees to manage, and customers to engage with, they do not have time to call on people who are looking for work, YOUR LOOKING FOR WORK ... look for work, find work, then show them how persistent you are by following up.
when I am looking for work I make sure I have called to follow up on my application within 3 business days, and when I ask for someone I ask for the Hiring Manager or Human Resources.
Fourth... when you get the interview be sure to research the company, it is always good to go into an interview with an idea of what they do and who they do it for. Major major kudos for this small bit of effort.
Last,... $hit, $have, & Bathe.
No one wants to interview someone who looks like they just slept in their car, make sure your fingernails are clean and trimmed,
fresh breath is a must, it’s very difficult to talk to someone when their breath smells like 8 cans of shark $hit, scrub uh dub in the bath tub make sure you smell decent and while your wet might as well shave that face or legs or if your just unfortunate,... shave that back,
You can’t go into an interview with hair coming out of your shirt like Team Wolf,
make sure you iron your clothes and when I say clothes I mean a pair of dress shoes, if you don’t have em GET EM, you can find a cheap pair interview worthy at Pay Less if you have to,
Get some slacks, and don’t buy green or brown please, the last thing you want to do is go into an interview looking like a well dressed Park Ranger,
Get a decent belt to match your outfit "shoe strings are for shoes"
And of course a long sleeve button up shirt with a tie
All of these things can be purchased at Wal-Mart "my fave store" believe it or not. I don’t get my work clothes from Wal-Mart but if I had to I most certainly would, "not too proud"
as far as the previous things you can Google search any of them the way I use Google is this.... say I’m looking for a way to spruce up my resume, ill head to, type in "how to write resume cover letter" wait for it to load up and whala... scroll thru the first 20 links and you’ll find what you’re looking for guaranteed. These simple things have helped me make it this far BY MY SELF since I was in 9th grade "that’s right no mommy n daddy helping me" didn’t have that luxury.
This is a small way to stay Recession Proof it’s worked for many of my friends whom I have made resumes for and helped them with all kinds of ways of prospecting jobs and even the interview process. I hope this helps I know I am thankful I had a teacher who taught me some very cool things in 9th grade because with out her I would not have been as fortunat as I am today. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andre McKay

what next.... hmmmm....

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