Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Letter to Mom Too Late

2 mom: a woman who just wanted to be loved I think.
I wrote this the day she passed I was 14 my 1st time in LongBeach Ca

Doreen was my life, I had no feelings, love, or affection for no one as much as I did for Doreen.
I didn't get to know yours much as I wished I did, I had only lived with you the past 2 years straight out of my 14 years.
You were a good woman, you were smart, but instead of taking the highway to success you took the road to failure.
But I can't take all my bad feelings out on you, I understand that you had a lot of anger in you. You lost the man you loved, you lost your house, and all your stuff, you lost your kids who you meant the world to, but most importantly you lost your life.
You had a bad life, I felt better when you were in jail, you could get sober, and healthy but now that your gone this all seems like a bad dream and I am hoping that I could wake up from this bad nightmare.
Me and you will be reunited one day but until we do I will remain with your heart, your courage, your strength, most important your soul in me. When I look in the mirror I see you, when I do I talk to you with out an answer hoping for one.
I promise that I will not make any mistakes in my life, I will be somebody, the highest that I can be mom.
I love you I will never forget you I am not mad at you I e got nothing nut love for you. I forgive you for all your mistakes and sins that you have made.

This was a letter to mom, it was what I always wanted to tell her but never had the courage infill it was too late. I was a tad blunt and foreword but what young kid isn't at the age of 14? Were too pure and full of honesty at that point in life. I hope we all get something from this and it's more than just "tell your loved ones you love them" but it's about recognizing the need to be of service in this world, make life meaningful, make it about values and gaining respect by giving it. Love one another for tomorrow is not promised. There's only 2 things guaranteed in life and it's Death & Taxes

Andre McKay

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