Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Even Cares?

Who Cares?
This seems to be a question I have often asked myself a lot in the past couple years, especially while being on social networks. Do people really care about what we post or say?,… does it even matter what’s going on in our lifes to them?,… Sometimes I think not ;-/ . I’ll tell you one thing that’s for sure… if you’re a friend of mine I CARE!, Hell yes I care about what you post or say, I defiantly care about what’s going on in your life and throughout your day. Look around… these are your friends, loved ones, and people in your social network. They might as well be family. Some of us went to high school together; others just met thru networking, or random convos that caused us to add one another. The point is that either you added me or I added you.
This is not a popularity contest! Or is it?... A lot of people simply add people and never even bother to say something as simple HELLO, is this who you really are?, is this the person that we have become?. Today people have become so wrapped up in themselves forgetting what being friends on a social network is all about. Social Networking Sites are for people to be Social, that means we talk. Not you talk, I listen, respond, and you just set there pumping your fist like a person from jersey shore because people are responding to you. It’s for people to Network, and sometimes it’s even for us to market a product our ourselves but in a modest “not all up in yo face” kinda way.  I see a lot of people who post a million in one posts all day about
-ooh look at me I have so much greatness going on in my life
-my life is perfect and it couldn’t be better
- my life is better than yours
-or how about the person who is constantly bragging with pics of all the new toys n gadgets they have? All those things are great and to be honest … I’m psyched that life is going well for you and you have all these nice things. But is that all you have to say? Is that all that us suspose to matter to us? Your friends?....
Hell,…  I’m still waiting for you to say hello,… I added you a month ago, dropped a few lines as to how you’re doing, what’s new and how the new year has been for you so far, and yet you still haven’t responded. Oh…. But you have tons of time to show us all the new stuff you got right! ;-) gotcha. Well my friends let me tell you something about friends and how to keep great ones and keep the ones that care nothing about you in the first place still in your circle.  “because remember.. Were not them and just because they don’t seem to care about what we have to say doesn’t honestly mean we don’t care about what they have to say”
First you have to realize Social Networking has to get back to being SOCIAL, people have turned their network of friends into a audience. NOT COOL! … I want to listen to everything you have to say but when I respond  don’t just set like a bump on a log and wait for your audience to just roll in the comments… that’s just selfish. We can t grow as people, and we most definitely can’t grow our name or business if all we care about is ourselves.  Get back to being the modest, people love modesty it shows that we care and that there’s more to what we are concerned about than ourselves, get back to being secure with yourself, too many people are insecure, they can joke with others but when others joke with them they take it offensively “I blame MTV”, and lets be the person we used to be. Get off the high horse… it’s not just about us, it never has been just about us, and if we keep thinking this way I’m sure it’ll never be ABOUT US!.
Oh and by the way “ya know I love ya right?” ;-)

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  1. I don't post anything on my own page .... I just comment on other peoples posts. I wonder what that says about me? O_o

  2. thats normal but your not normal your probably unique as far as the post it's more about how social networking isn't social anymore it's turned into a popularity contest.

  3. Dre

    It is a balance. We cannot all day talk about others and not tell anything about us. There is a difference there though where we can talk about ourselves or we can answer questions or mention things about ourselves in conversation.

    Social media yeah sometimes the social is lost. We see this often however when we build an online community around those that we care about and reach out in some manner each day we tend to not look at those we are still waiting a hello from.

    Keep the articles coming!

  4. totally agree and I should have clarified this and wrote it as a specific instead of beating around the bush but what I really meant was "US Millenials" my age group, have got a lot to work on as f at as learning the fundamentals or networking socially and realizing that they could reach a larger audience that is interested in what they are saying or offering if they understood what it means when something reciprocates. I'm learning everyday about this blogging thing and I plan on it making more sense as I continue. thanks you for your kind words of wisdom your appreciated Vara.

  5. Hey bud, it says Defiantly but should be Definitely. 5th line down from top. Miss you guys.

  6. Great Article! I love that I can tell you care about what others have to say right away. We might not all agree but you are right, be secure with your own opinion! Everything you said had valid points. So Hello! I am Kyle Chamberlain, I Own Epik Innovations out of Vegas! www.epikinnovations.com and www.epikinnovations.wordpress.com! Keep Bloggin!

  7. Thanks Kyle I'm thankful you found my blog and found it interesting aswell stay blessed I hope Vegas is doing you and the company more than well and I look forward to checking you, your blog, and company out aswell