Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Biggest Losers

The trouble with Social Networks, something I just don’t get.
Here we are young adults "some old". We work, and some don’t. So let’s just talk about the majority of us who do work, we don’t need to say much about you if ya don’t work.

We start our every week off the same way pretty much.... up & at em around 6am Monday - Friday, pot of coffee's brewin,… aaahhh yes the smell of Folgers in the morning. Nothings better than coffee and a good morning bowel movement, am I right or am I right? ;-)
ok so now we get our morning meal down and head out the door for another day in reality, some of us dread it some of us can’t wait to start our day "believe it or not". Here is where the mistakes of our everyday lives begin though so set back, grab a drink and wipe the eye boogers out.

First off why in the world would you want to really start your morning with listening to political rubbish, it’s a sure fire way to rub you the wrong way I mean it’ll really grind your gears hearing about what’s going on in this world or even your community, think about it.... when was the last time you smiled while getting the 411 from a news source? ..... Keep thinking!
Instead, turn on something you love something soulful and that moves you, me... I know just how to start my every day "Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers or just some good ol Classic Rock" I’m telling ya there’s nothing better than heading to WORK with Stevie Wonder jammin for ya.
Ok, so here we are at work, Umm this is work.... yah so let’s actually work. I worked for many years in a regular job setting and I seen what occurs every day all day and now that I don’t have a regular job like the majority of people I see even more of what theyre doing while on the company dollar and its quite scary… "Face Book, Twitter, YouTube" I’m tellin ya its ridiculous how some of us really put more than half the time at work into playing Farmville and updating your status with how you just ate a sandwich and now your drinking water? Really? Is that all you can say?.

Here we are in supposedly a recession, I’d say it’s far from a recession but what do I know. Everyday people put their jobs on the line by not being able to keep off of these sites that are definatly not part of work. In this day where jobs continue mass layoffs, hiring and wage freezes, more and more people are utilizing social networking sites to vent their dissatisfaction with their employer and co-workers. This is the surest way to lose your job and become a statistic. This is becoming so recognized in every work place chances are you are definatly being monitored and if not it'll definatly happen sooner than later. what?... you think you can just set at work on the company’s dollar and tell everyone on the net about how much fun you had last night with the girls and tag each and every one of them in pictures from the evening and the company’s not suppose to care? FAIL!.

They pay you to do work, while it may be tempting to take advantage of internet use for socializing I highly suggest you try to avoid this set up for failure, limit your socializing to breaks or lunch time or better yet HOME.  These social networking sites are a great way to keep everyone in your bubble up to date with every single thing you eat and do throughout the day but I highly doubt its worth losing your job over. If most of us would just do what is expected of us maybe a little bit more in the work place unemployment wouldn’t be at 9% or whatever it be more like 5% or less. And trust me if you lose your job over social networking you can go on ahead and start applying to McDonalds because it’s highly unlikely that anyone will hire you once they call that employer. Let’s get passionate about living and what we do, yah you may not like your job but it’s a job and its all you have, if you don’t like it get something that you do like but in the mean time

“Let’s Do WORK” and stop making excuses about how the man has got you down,… you have got yourself down.
what next.... hmmmm....


  1. now that you have put it that way!!! totally agree with the 9% would be 5% if we all did...hate to say it but im guilty here and i am reading it at work. sometimes we all just need to realize some of the things that we can do to be that more efficient and not take the jobs we have for granted!

  2. Totally understood Brian were all a bit guilty of it though. I just hope we all are ready to make 2011 a more secure and efficient one, we all had a lot of hype about this year for some reason I mean more than 2000 so I expect myself and the country to stick to our resolutions and follow thrue with our plans. Take care Brian and thanks for stopping by ;-) if yir on twitter or facebook add me we can learn somethin from eachother I
    Sure of it