Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 years from now is this where well be?

it has come to my attention that US Americans are becoming more and more unsure of who we are as individuals, were so insecure were not even sure of ourselves today its ok for boys in school to wear purple tight denim pants that they got from the girls section at Forever21 and call it emo? thats not emo young man thats a boy who is confused about who he really is and what hes trying to say. 10 years ago if that would have occured in school the child would either have been antoganized or just plain badgered but today its ok. im glad were all about equal rights and what not but if this is where we are today where will we be in 10 more years? will boys be skipping to class holding hands wearing eyeliner with glitter in their hair? will lil boys favirote saying be "HAAAAAYYYY"? or has this time come already aswell? not sure what parents are NOT doing but ill tell ya what they need to START doing.... Being a parent and stop being a friend to your kids. they heave enough friends at school be a parent they need you. they see their teacher and friends more on a daily basis than they see you the parent so the least you can do is play your role, set some rules, if they dont like the dinner youve prepared OH WELL, they can go with out. they will grow up to love you for being a parent or you can keep putting lil tommy in time outs untill he shoots up his class room!
im done
what next.... hmmmm....

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