Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Bombed last nights show?

Charlie Sheen in March 2009Image via Wikipedia
 Charlie Sheen's debut performance of his sold out "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour" in Detroit proved to be an epic fail.

A sold out Fox Theatre in Detroit with 5,000 fist pumping fans pretty much got what they didn’t pay for as most are saying via Twitter & Facebook. The crowd began with a upset mood considering the show seemed to be unscripted but the warlock began to just wing it as best as he could. The opening act was terrible most would say which brought Charlie on stage early and everyone gave him a standing ovation. That’s when things went south for the Hollywood bad boy.
Two porn stars sang the national anthem and I hear that they had a voice box of an opera singer. I mean porn stars have got to have good vocals when they perform in movies right?. The two porn actress's came on stage and thankfully for all of us burned his famous two and a half me bowling shirt he wears religiously on the show. The audience quickly began to get restless yelling "you suck dude" "we want your brother Emilio Estevez" and booing, most even began to simply walk out of the show. He quickly began to gather people closer to the stage once people began to leave telling patrons how he won anyways saying "I already got your f***ing money dude!” as it all wound down Charlie sat on stage and gathered the audience for a Q&A session and he asked them "Want to hear stories about crack? Who's done crack?"

Simon RexImage via WikipediaSheen couldn’t get much in as far as words considering the audience were too sensitive for his humor and honesty. he even had to tell an audience member "shut the f*** up." Sheen stormed off stage in aggravation and was followed up by actor and rapper Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty. You might remember him from the show "Scary Movie" he played the white thugged out rapper with a soft heart and sex drive of a high school kid. Sources say he got booed as well, I have seen Dirt Nasty in show and I must say dudes a hilarious rapper there’s nothing serious about his rapping he’s a comedian who raps but it appears you get more fans when you rap about drugs, and women shakin booty. "I get it" ... not really. The show ended with a video of the new Snoop Dogg song/video called "Winning" but the audience was still butt hurt.

Sometimes people can be too sensitive to give comedy a chance, have you ever been to a comedy show when the comic picks on a audience member and that audience member gets all bitter and wants to fight or defend him/herself? its comedy people if we learned to listen twice as much as we open our mouths we would be able to appreciate more things in life that’s why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth
Duh... Winning...

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Worst FaceBook & Twitter Status Updates

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a swarm of individuals who consistently update their status with nonsense, I mean whatever happened to the web being full of great information? .... Oh it is never mind, but whatever happened to Social Networks being used for Social Networking? now it’s invaded with materialistic individuals who feel the need to boast & brag about what they’re doing, who their doing it with, how they look while their doing it, and how awesome their life is compared to the rest of ours.

I mean come on now... you really think you have the best life? How would you know, are you filthy rich? Do you travel the world? Do you eat the best nutritious foods? Do you have every channel satellite has to offer?
Oh so you have the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world? Really? How do you know this? Have you met everywoman in the world? You have had 5 girlfriends/boyfriends and you have slept with 20 so that means that your judgment really doesn’t even matter considering the fact you can’t seem to pick a decent apple out of a batch “FAIL”
Of course not... so your life is not the best then and you have once again lied to us all "DELETE"
I find it so sad that here we are in 2011 and all everyone seems to care about is Celebrity Hype, Them Selves, and living thru another person’s lifestyle, you are not Snooki From Jersey Shore, just because your 4foot 3, tan so much your now orange and not tan, have streaks in your hair for some un natural reason does not mean your snooks so stop acting like her, and most of all your 25yrs old... are we even allowed to watch MTV anymore?

So many just vent on a social network to keep us all updated on how they feel at the moment "THIS IS NOT MYSPACE" were adults here we don’t have time nor do we want to hear your sobbing, this is the real world we have mortgages, REAL BILLS, some of us have children,... we don’t want to hear about how tough your day was when your 25 yrs old and live at home with mom and dad, your car was given to you and you still don’t even make each of your cell phone bills every month.
This mentality is indicative of a person whose life is so unfilled with productivity that they feel they have to over-compensate by announcing their every thought and action to the world in the hopes that at least one person on their friends list will finally Respond. That one minor digital altercation will be the closest thing to excitement they will have had in months. Other than a re-run of Jersey Shore

The word “Emo” gets tossed around a lot when it comes to whining and moaning about events or the actions of certain people. While complaining is a common human reaction to bad circumstances, being “Emo” when complaining means your complaints have no balls behind them. If you whine passively, never once putting a face on what you’re whining about, you’re just showing off one of the many ways a person can be Emo on the internet.
There’s ways to fix these young NON SOCIAL NETWORKER Americans...
If you want to be a man about it, just turn your “Don’t you just hate it when certain ‘best friends’ turn out to be your worst enemies?”Emo update in to, “Hey, Ted! Yeah, I’m talking about you, Ted Abbots! You’re a 28yr old loser ! Hey, Everybody! Ted’s a $hit Stained Loser, with a bad attitude!”

We are hard working Americans in a Recession we don’t have time for the nonsense, we work, we run errands, we cook meals, we clean our homes “not our bedrooms” , we wash dishes and lots of them.. so spare us the sob story please. We’re here to network, we are here to learn from one another, stay up to date with things that actually matter in life. We don’t care about Kim Kardashian , I don’t give 2 eye boogers about her or what she’s done in the media. I want to hear about things that move people in a positive way. Life is too stressful to be bombarding our news feed with drama in regards to others especially people we ourselves don’t even know. You want to do that go to school take journalism and see if you have what it takes to put other people’s names in your mouth.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Recession Proof YOU!

It's clear to us that we are in a bit of a so called "Recession" I consider it more of a bare market, but then again I don’t see the signs of any market really being too bare besides the numbers in the Housing market, and Employment market.
I know a lot of us in America have tried and tried to get a job, and then I also recognize that a lot of Americans are perfectly fine with collecting unemployment, in fact there’s many Americans who are simply too un-motivated to even apply for unemployment so they go without, set there like a bump on a log and milk it off mom and pops for as long as they can. Do they really think that an opportunity is going to come to them? Do they think that just because they have applied to a job that the employer is actually going to call them? Eh, eh, highly unlikely. Chances are that there are about 20+ applicants that applied to the same exact job that you have that very day "if not more" what makes it even more unlikely is the fact that out of that 20 applicants 3/4's of them are going to follow up on their applications.
Believe it or not there are many people with a college degree who aren’t even using it, how can this be? Could it be that they aren’t sure how to apply themselves to something they have worked so hard for? Maybe its intimidation.
I have had a long history of career changes as most of the people who know me are aware of, Fashion Design, the Medical Field, Merchandising, I have even worked in the Oil Fields "for some reason my hands aren’t rough" but that’s another story.
Today I am going to give some people a few tips on how I made it in the work force, stayed comfortable, and how I could have even done better.
First it is mandatory that you build yourself a Cover Letter & Resume... What’s that? Come on meow... The Cover Letter is your chance to sale yourself to the employer "consider it a Biography but in a Paragraph or 2" as for the resume we all know what that is and most of them can use some updating. add stuff that you have done in your time since being 16, if you have helped in the community add that Employers love when an applicant had took the inniative to give time in the community whether its picking up trash, or helping senior citizens with daily functions. You don’t have to get paid to do something good and consider it credit worthy on paper.
Want to see a sample of what my Rez looks like?
Come join me on LinkedIn
Second,... Apply apply apply. Fortunately because of the World Wide Web you can apply to 99% of the companies out there. Using sites such as,,, etc... Will give you endless options, some of which may even blow your mind considering the fact you may actually qualify or even over qualify, and in my case it may blow you away knowing that you DONT QUALIFY ... I always love getting that email.
Third,... FOLLOW UP,... these companies have goals to meet daily, employees to manage, and customers to engage with, they do not have time to call on people who are looking for work, YOUR LOOKING FOR WORK ... look for work, find work, then show them how persistent you are by following up.
when I am looking for work I make sure I have called to follow up on my application within 3 business days, and when I ask for someone I ask for the Hiring Manager or Human Resources.
Fourth... when you get the interview be sure to research the company, it is always good to go into an interview with an idea of what they do and who they do it for. Major major kudos for this small bit of effort.
Last,... $hit, $have, & Bathe.
No one wants to interview someone who looks like they just slept in their car, make sure your fingernails are clean and trimmed,
fresh breath is a must, it’s very difficult to talk to someone when their breath smells like 8 cans of shark $hit, scrub uh dub in the bath tub make sure you smell decent and while your wet might as well shave that face or legs or if your just unfortunate,... shave that back,
You can’t go into an interview with hair coming out of your shirt like Team Wolf,
make sure you iron your clothes and when I say clothes I mean a pair of dress shoes, if you don’t have em GET EM, you can find a cheap pair interview worthy at Pay Less if you have to,
Get some slacks, and don’t buy green or brown please, the last thing you want to do is go into an interview looking like a well dressed Park Ranger,
Get a decent belt to match your outfit "shoe strings are for shoes"
And of course a long sleeve button up shirt with a tie
All of these things can be purchased at Wal-Mart "my fave store" believe it or not. I don’t get my work clothes from Wal-Mart but if I had to I most certainly would, "not too proud"
as far as the previous things you can Google search any of them the way I use Google is this.... say I’m looking for a way to spruce up my resume, ill head to, type in "how to write resume cover letter" wait for it to load up and whala... scroll thru the first 20 links and you’ll find what you’re looking for guaranteed. These simple things have helped me make it this far BY MY SELF since I was in 9th grade "that’s right no mommy n daddy helping me" didn’t have that luxury.
This is a small way to stay Recession Proof it’s worked for many of my friends whom I have made resumes for and helped them with all kinds of ways of prospecting jobs and even the interview process. I hope this helps I know I am thankful I had a teacher who taught me some very cool things in 9th grade because with out her I would not have been as fortunat as I am today. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andre McKay

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Letter to Mom Too Late

2 mom: a woman who just wanted to be loved I think.
I wrote this the day she passed I was 14 my 1st time in LongBeach Ca

Doreen was my life, I had no feelings, love, or affection for no one as much as I did for Doreen.
I didn't get to know yours much as I wished I did, I had only lived with you the past 2 years straight out of my 14 years.
You were a good woman, you were smart, but instead of taking the highway to success you took the road to failure.
But I can't take all my bad feelings out on you, I understand that you had a lot of anger in you. You lost the man you loved, you lost your house, and all your stuff, you lost your kids who you meant the world to, but most importantly you lost your life.
You had a bad life, I felt better when you were in jail, you could get sober, and healthy but now that your gone this all seems like a bad dream and I am hoping that I could wake up from this bad nightmare.
Me and you will be reunited one day but until we do I will remain with your heart, your courage, your strength, most important your soul in me. When I look in the mirror I see you, when I do I talk to you with out an answer hoping for one.
I promise that I will not make any mistakes in my life, I will be somebody, the highest that I can be mom.
I love you I will never forget you I am not mad at you I e got nothing nut love for you. I forgive you for all your mistakes and sins that you have made.

This was a letter to mom, it was what I always wanted to tell her but never had the courage infill it was too late. I was a tad blunt and foreword but what young kid isn't at the age of 14? Were too pure and full of honesty at that point in life. I hope we all get something from this and it's more than just "tell your loved ones you love them" but it's about recognizing the need to be of service in this world, make life meaningful, make it about values and gaining respect by giving it. Love one another for tomorrow is not promised. There's only 2 things guaranteed in life and it's Death & Taxes

Andre McKay

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 years from now is this where well be?

it has come to my attention that US Americans are becoming more and more unsure of who we are as individuals, were so insecure were not even sure of ourselves today its ok for boys in school to wear purple tight denim pants that they got from the girls section at Forever21 and call it emo? thats not emo young man thats a boy who is confused about who he really is and what hes trying to say. 10 years ago if that would have occured in school the child would either have been antoganized or just plain badgered but today its ok. im glad were all about equal rights and what not but if this is where we are today where will we be in 10 more years? will boys be skipping to class holding hands wearing eyeliner with glitter in their hair? will lil boys favirote saying be "HAAAAAYYYY"? or has this time come already aswell? not sure what parents are NOT doing but ill tell ya what they need to START doing.... Being a parent and stop being a friend to your kids. they heave enough friends at school be a parent they need you. they see their teacher and friends more on a daily basis than they see you the parent so the least you can do is play your role, set some rules, if they dont like the dinner youve prepared OH WELL, they can go with out. they will grow up to love you for being a parent or you can keep putting lil tommy in time outs untill he shoots up his class room!
im done
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Biggest Losers

The trouble with Social Networks, something I just don’t get.
Here we are young adults "some old". We work, and some don’t. So let’s just talk about the majority of us who do work, we don’t need to say much about you if ya don’t work.

We start our every week off the same way pretty much.... up & at em around 6am Monday - Friday, pot of coffee's brewin,… aaahhh yes the smell of Folgers in the morning. Nothings better than coffee and a good morning bowel movement, am I right or am I right? ;-)
ok so now we get our morning meal down and head out the door for another day in reality, some of us dread it some of us can’t wait to start our day "believe it or not". Here is where the mistakes of our everyday lives begin though so set back, grab a drink and wipe the eye boogers out.

First off why in the world would you want to really start your morning with listening to political rubbish, it’s a sure fire way to rub you the wrong way I mean it’ll really grind your gears hearing about what’s going on in this world or even your community, think about it.... when was the last time you smiled while getting the 411 from a news source? ..... Keep thinking!
Instead, turn on something you love something soulful and that moves you, me... I know just how to start my every day "Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers or just some good ol Classic Rock" I’m telling ya there’s nothing better than heading to WORK with Stevie Wonder jammin for ya.
Ok, so here we are at work, Umm this is work.... yah so let’s actually work. I worked for many years in a regular job setting and I seen what occurs every day all day and now that I don’t have a regular job like the majority of people I see even more of what theyre doing while on the company dollar and its quite scary… "Face Book, Twitter, YouTube" I’m tellin ya its ridiculous how some of us really put more than half the time at work into playing Farmville and updating your status with how you just ate a sandwich and now your drinking water? Really? Is that all you can say?.

Here we are in supposedly a recession, I’d say it’s far from a recession but what do I know. Everyday people put their jobs on the line by not being able to keep off of these sites that are definatly not part of work. In this day where jobs continue mass layoffs, hiring and wage freezes, more and more people are utilizing social networking sites to vent their dissatisfaction with their employer and co-workers. This is the surest way to lose your job and become a statistic. This is becoming so recognized in every work place chances are you are definatly being monitored and if not it'll definatly happen sooner than later. what?... you think you can just set at work on the company’s dollar and tell everyone on the net about how much fun you had last night with the girls and tag each and every one of them in pictures from the evening and the company’s not suppose to care? FAIL!.

They pay you to do work, while it may be tempting to take advantage of internet use for socializing I highly suggest you try to avoid this set up for failure, limit your socializing to breaks or lunch time or better yet HOME.  These social networking sites are a great way to keep everyone in your bubble up to date with every single thing you eat and do throughout the day but I highly doubt its worth losing your job over. If most of us would just do what is expected of us maybe a little bit more in the work place unemployment wouldn’t be at 9% or whatever it be more like 5% or less. And trust me if you lose your job over social networking you can go on ahead and start applying to McDonalds because it’s highly unlikely that anyone will hire you once they call that employer. Let’s get passionate about living and what we do, yah you may not like your job but it’s a job and its all you have, if you don’t like it get something that you do like but in the mean time

“Let’s Do WORK” and stop making excuses about how the man has got you down,… you have got yourself down.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Even Cares?

Who Cares?
This seems to be a question I have often asked myself a lot in the past couple years, especially while being on social networks. Do people really care about what we post or say?,… does it even matter what’s going on in our lifes to them?,… Sometimes I think not ;-/ . I’ll tell you one thing that’s for sure… if you’re a friend of mine I CARE!, Hell yes I care about what you post or say, I defiantly care about what’s going on in your life and throughout your day. Look around… these are your friends, loved ones, and people in your social network. They might as well be family. Some of us went to high school together; others just met thru networking, or random convos that caused us to add one another. The point is that either you added me or I added you.
This is not a popularity contest! Or is it?... A lot of people simply add people and never even bother to say something as simple HELLO, is this who you really are?, is this the person that we have become?. Today people have become so wrapped up in themselves forgetting what being friends on a social network is all about. Social Networking Sites are for people to be Social, that means we talk. Not you talk, I listen, respond, and you just set there pumping your fist like a person from jersey shore because people are responding to you. It’s for people to Network, and sometimes it’s even for us to market a product our ourselves but in a modest “not all up in yo face” kinda way.  I see a lot of people who post a million in one posts all day about
-ooh look at me I have so much greatness going on in my life
-my life is perfect and it couldn’t be better
- my life is better than yours
-or how about the person who is constantly bragging with pics of all the new toys n gadgets they have? All those things are great and to be honest … I’m psyched that life is going well for you and you have all these nice things. But is that all you have to say? Is that all that us suspose to matter to us? Your friends?....
Hell,…  I’m still waiting for you to say hello,… I added you a month ago, dropped a few lines as to how you’re doing, what’s new and how the new year has been for you so far, and yet you still haven’t responded. Oh…. But you have tons of time to show us all the new stuff you got right! ;-) gotcha. Well my friends let me tell you something about friends and how to keep great ones and keep the ones that care nothing about you in the first place still in your circle.  “because remember.. Were not them and just because they don’t seem to care about what we have to say doesn’t honestly mean we don’t care about what they have to say”
First you have to realize Social Networking has to get back to being SOCIAL, people have turned their network of friends into a audience. NOT COOL! … I want to listen to everything you have to say but when I respond  don’t just set like a bump on a log and wait for your audience to just roll in the comments… that’s just selfish. We can t grow as people, and we most definitely can’t grow our name or business if all we care about is ourselves.  Get back to being the modest, people love modesty it shows that we care and that there’s more to what we are concerned about than ourselves, get back to being secure with yourself, too many people are insecure, they can joke with others but when others joke with them they take it offensively “I blame MTV”, and lets be the person we used to be. Get off the high horse… it’s not just about us, it never has been just about us, and if we keep thinking this way I’m sure it’ll never be ABOUT US!.
Oh and by the way “ya know I love ya right?” ;-)

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Have We Really Changed?

Whoo Hoooo… 2011 is here. A new year with new resolutions. Unfortunately, for most of us, setting a resolution was the easy part… sticking with the resolution is a different story. It’s already the 1st of January and I have spoken with several friends and family members that mentioned they are starting their resolutions over again on Monday, why? because they couldn’t keep up with it one day after the new year! Sound familiar?
Not only am I guilty of doing this, but I am surrounded by friends and family doing it too… procrastinating and making excuses for not completing something, or even starting it for that matter. WHY do WE do this?
Simple things, Things like:
- Quit smoking… Let’s face it; we all know it’s bad for you. Not to mention it makes our breath smell like eight cans of shark poo.
- Getting fit… We all say it day in and out.  Who doesn’t love to feel great and look good? The last thing anyone wants to do is have to unbutton the top button on their pants at the dinner table just because they’ve shoved more food than necessary in they’re mouth. Now they’re bloated and feel like a pig in a blanket.
-Most importantly why can’t some of us just commit to something for once, stick with it, and make that commitment happen this year?
Does any of this stuff sound like you? And if so relax, take a deep breath, because I’m right there with ya.
So the question is: - what do we do differently this year? 
·         Let’s start off by looking in the mirror and admitting that we are far from perfect. Some of us have filled our heads up with the belief that we are though. We must have something that we would like to change about ourselves. Some of us are so insecure that we have to convince ourselves and the people around us that were hot stuff, and our poop does not stink. Guess what? If your body temp is 98 degrees then you’re not hot, you’re more Luke warm, and that’s not hot.  If your human then trust me,… ask your roommate, relative, or spouse if your poop stinks, I can guarantee you they’ll admit that it’s terrible and does not smell anything like roses.
·         We have to come to realize that anything in life that is worth living for, is NOT going to be easy to achieve. A lot of us love taking short cuts,… “I know because I too have taken quite a few in my life”. Taking short cuts are not going to get us where we really want to be. We don’t want to settle for a mediocre job or lifestyle, yet we believe that taking a short cut or cheating will get us there. Why is this? Is it because we don’t have the patience or perseverance to actually ride it out?... get what we want accomplished on our own without the help of others?... Life is far from easy and if you don’t believe me ask anyone who is successful. The majority of them that I have read about pretty much started with nothing, had all the odds against them and yet they have made it.
We have to start loving ourselves and the people we surround ourselves by; it is a waste of time and quite immature of us to have friends around us whom we speak so negatively about. Are we perfect ourselves? what have we really achieved in life?, how noble are you really? I mean have you saved a life or changed something for the better in someone else’s?
I have never been big on making resolutions when the New Year comes, simply because I always think that it’s not worth committing to something that I think I’ll break. This year unlike any other I will finally make a New Year’s Resolution.
It’s to “STOP LYING TO MYSELF”… Sounds bold I know. How many of you can admit that you lye constantly to yourself just to make yourself feel better about something? Maybe you do it because you want to convince yourself that something is going to change for the better although it has not yet? I constantly do it I believe it’s a sign of weakness or something.
You want to know what my weakness is? I can’t stick to a damn career for the life of me! I have been to school for Fashion Design and worked all over as a merchandiser. I have been to school to become a Medic and Medical Assistant. Fortunately I still work in the field. Yes, it has been very rewarding and of course I love what I do. I have been fortunate enough to work for the biggest alternative medical facility in America, treated thousands of patients from around the world and made a change for the better in each and every one of their lives. Here I am in 2011… I get to work every day as a personal assistant for a child with special needs whom I have grown to love and consider family, but what do I want to do now?... I have no damn idea. I’m terrified that here I am,.. 28yrs old and still don’t know what it’s going to be as far as my career.
This blogging thing seems fun. It seems as if I get to have a journal that is open for discussion on topics that affect me. Am I good at it? Doubt it. But I’m going to attend courses, read books from those who have made a name in the industry, try to learn from others mistakes and hopefully mine as well but most of all I’m going to give it one hundred and try to make the most of this as I always have until I know exactly what it is I want to do with myself.
 We all have something that we would love to change about ourselves and some of us have things that we would love to change about someone else, but you know what? We must learn to focus on bettering ourselves and realize we cannot change anyone else. If its change we want to see we must first become that change.
Let’s get back to the basics my friends, let’s love one another and help each other grow. Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket? What happens is you have crabs in a bucket and every time a crab is almost to the top of the bucket on his way out to freedom there’s another crab at the bottom pulling him right back down with them, “let us not be that crab”. We have got to change the way we live and treat each other let’s start seeing each other as brothers and sisters as opposed to distant strangers.
If we can learn to do these things I guarantee we will become that change we want to see in the world, we will love and have a much better respect for ourselves, and guarantee that we will be confident in what it is that we pursue.
Happy New Year’s